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Borders Film Project – Mike Bell

A film photography series started in 2017, currently running well into 2020.
Consisting of landscapes photographed around the world, including Iceland, USA, Belgium, Amsterdam, Cyprus, Switzerland, Italy, Hong Kong, Indonesia and South Africa.

These backdrops are photographed on various medium format films as well as on various film cameras. Once returning to South Africa the exposed films are rolled back to their original unexposed positions, meaning they may be used again. The rolled back films are reinserted into a medium format camera (sometimes even a different camera than what was used to capture the landscapes).
South African citizens with foreign decent are photographed on the same piece of film as the already exposed backdrops, forming double exposures.
A mix-match of portraits and backdrops or heritage and geographical locations.

This speaks to South Africans and people all around the world governed by the position of their passport.

The project was started in early 2017, many backdrops were photographed in Iceland (see Iceland Story HERE)

Mike Bell Photography

copyright mikebellphotography 2020

Jemma with Lithuanian decent was photographed against various Icelandic backdrops in 2018.

These works are still in progress, backdrops such as Hong Kong, Indonesia, Switzerland, Belgium, the invaded Turkish Cyprus as well as borders of the UN Buffer zone in Cyprus have already been photographed.

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