Conqueror – LDMS Music Video

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I did some photography for the new Conqueror Album ‘Life on Repeat’ coming out April 11 2014, there will be pictures up of that soon. In the meantime above is their new video LDMS that I helped out on.

Ryder Nel, Gavin Pincus (The Film Guys), Mike Bell (The Capitol Collective)
Duncan MacKenzie


Gotta smoke a bowl before I go to work
Cant handle this corporate greed
Never wanted a job but now it’s all I do
I finish work and sniff some fuckin glue

Who’s got papers?
This shit’s laced with
Seven grams of Salvia Divinorum
I aint got no money
So i’m out of limb

Uncertain of a purpose
Time is money. Money’s soulless
Curtain lifted, hell exposed
It’s fucked up but now I know

Life don’t mean shit

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